Public Policy and
Administration in
a Disruptive and
Transformative Era


Many of the world’s most important projects, whether related to infrastructure, technology, law or even space travel, invariably rely on very large-scale collaborations. Such projects may be undertaken by privately-owned companies on a local scale, but in fact depend on a vast network of other bodies such as banks, other private companies, and national or international government. These collaborations enable the completion of projects such as the Melbourne City Link that has kept Melbourne better connected since 1999, or new technological adaptations that keep the world safer from cyber threats, but the process of creating such immense public value raises many challenges.

This course will bring together world-leading experts with extensive knowledge in various topics related to public policy (ranging from politics, ethics and public-private partnerships to digital transformation and artificial intelligence), who will share their expertise and improve your understanding of how to confront the world’s greatest challenges. The modules in this course involve thorough analysis of relevant case studies and will require you to come up with your own ideas and solutions to confront modern problems related to the making and applications of public policy.

Additionally, the course aims to complement the content learned with small-group discussions and projects, where you will consolidate new skills and become accustomed to navigating the many hurdles that arise when undertaking a large-scale, real-world administrative project. As well as becoming familiar with the many advantages and challenges of public-private partnerships, you will have an opportunity to improve your grasp on the world of technology, particularly in terms of the advancements and ethical considerations of artificial intelligence (AI), and the way that governments rely on digital services to modernize their methods of governing societies. The PPA module includes talks from specialists in a wide range of fields (former senior White House staff, cyber-security expert, literary critic etc.) to help expand your mindset from many points of view.

We hope this course will be useful for all who want to broaden their understanding of public policy and administration, and of how we must adapt in a fast-changing world to optimize value created for all of us. The many ideas you will be exposed to could advance your research, help you find new fields of interest, expand your network, and put you in the best position to succeed in any projects you aim to carry out.

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