Tackling Global
Education Challenges


As we are all aware, higher education has rapidly changed over recent years due to many reasons such as advances in technology and attitudes towards higher education.

IAP’s EDU module brings together experts in their respective fields to help expand your knowledge and understanding of many sides of modern academia and education via seminars, in-depth case studies, and small group discussions. In this symposium, you will develop skills and knowledge in a variety of subjects, including but not limited to:
• Active and Interactive Learning
• Power, influence and group processes
• The strategic design of novel E-learning methods
• The changing role of academia in the Digitally Networked Age
• The leadership challenges for higher education’s digital future.

It is vital to understand how the many sides of education and academia are interlinked in order to reach any conclusions about or conceive any practical solutions to today’s very new and complicated questions regarding higher education in the digital age. While being introduced to such a variety of expert knowledge, you will be expected to actively participate and confront some of the most pressing questions concerning modern education. For example:
• Are universities going the way of CDs and Cable TVs? In other words, is the university system outdated and will it be replaced by new systems?
• How can you lead a public research university in the age of super diversity and complexity?
• How are the power, influence and group processes in the film 12 Angry Men relevant to today’s educational and research settings, and how must we adapt to optimize the sharing of useful knowledge?

Questions and problems that arise during the discussions will likely inspire you to continue further research, either individually or as a group, such as projects and experiments that aim to find practical solutions and ways to improve, refine, or revolutionize methods used in higher education.

Participation in this module will enable you to enhance your innovative leadership skills, whether you are interested in teaching, learning, or research, and will ultimately give you the opportunity to take the initiative to introduce your own ideas into higher education on a personal, university-wide, national or global level.

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